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Oogland Film Productions engages mostly in film projects dealing with issues concerning ‘the peculiar intersection of art and society’, as H.J.A. Hofland, our eminent Dutch commentator, called it. Primarily we will focus on our own productions, but we also intend to encourage and support productions by other, kindred, spirits.

We are especially interested in issues related to migration and decolonization, in the first place the relations between Holland and both its overseas territories and the countries of origin of its immigrants.

Wednesday 2 November '16

Premiere The Passing Years at IDFA 2016

On November 20, the latest film by John Albert Jansen The Passing Years - Closer to Remco Campert will have its world premiere at IDFA Amsterdam. Tickets will be available from November 7, through...more »

Monday 25 April '16

Award for The Alphabet of Fear

Last Friday, April 22, director John Albert Jansen received the MASTER OF ART FILM FESTIVAL Award for Best Documentary Film – a statuette and €5,000 bestowed by MasterCard – for...more »

Tuesday 1 September '15

The Alphabet of Fear nominated

The Alphabet of Fear is nonimated for the Golden Calf, the main award of the Netherlands Film Festival. Award ceremony will be on Oct. 2nd in Utrecht....more »